Are you one of those people who can’t help but write every little thing you need to do for the day? Or do you like journaling as a way to decompress from a busy day?

I started journaling in 2015. I bought a Kikki-K personal size bright yellow planner. It was chunky but it was a great start to stay organized. After a few months, I got a Traveler’s Notebook regular size in black and until now, I still have this in one of my drawers. My dad gifted me a 6 ring A5 size Original Patent Filofax in nude color. Then I explored Hobonichi Techo regular size. I’ve explored Happy Planners as well and much more. The most used planner that I use every day is my Kate Spade 6 ring, zip-around planner. I still use this to this day, and I love it so much. A part of me feels overwhelmed with the stuff that I own, I have a lot of planners that I don’t use and need. At the same time, I love changing the planners that I use and I tend to get bored using just one thing. I also have Moleskine notebooks I use for sketching, diary, and work notebook. I basically have a lot of notebooks! This year, I plan to simplify my everyday planning by using my pocket-size Traveler’s Notebook. I’ve had this notebook since 2018 and until now, it still works so well.


Pocket size Traveler's Notebook with Moleskine inserts
Pocket size Traveler’s Notebook with Moleskine inserts


My pocket-size Traveler’s Notebook is easy to carry around. I currently have 3 inserts and using a plain Moleskine insert. I’m using simple bullet journal spreads, a diary/gratitude journal, finance, and a random notes/sketching insert. At the same time, I’m still using my Kate Spade 6 ring zip-around planner to keep tabs with my monthly to yearly plans, goals, and much more general planning.

I’m definitely overwhelmed decorating my journal and planners, and I am trying to have more simplified and minimalist life. It is still a work in progress, and I still have a lot of stuff and things I need to sell and let go of. I need to keep tabs on my spending and accumulating things I don’t even need.

Growing up, I realized that accumulating things did not make me happy. At the very least, my stuff felt more like an affliction and stress than the other way around. For the past years or so, I have stopped buying things and shopping. I’ve barely bought any clothes, bags, comics, and etc – I have more savings and felt more freedom. I am aiming to own less materialistic things, and it definitely takes a while to reach the goal that I want. For now, my second steps are:

  1. Simplify my planning and gratitude/journaling.
  2. Move to digital books, comics, and games. Less physical things!
  3. Start selling the stuff that I don’t need at all [after Covid].
  4. Stop buying bags. I have 8 bags! [I’ve let go of at least 7 bags!]
  5. Stop buying things from amazon.

I’ve already started letting go of so much of my things. Almost half of the books I used to own are gone. I’ve sold and donated 65% of my manga, [I kid you not, I still have a lot!], and also I don’t buy bags or clothes at all anymore.

Let’s see how it goes by the end of the year. Hopefully, when covid is done, I can start reselling my stuff via Marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay.

Do you also have a lot of things or have started a journey through minimalism?