Project Overview

Jurassic World 2: The Exhibition is an attraction that will be based on the 2018 film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It follows the precedent set by the hugely popular Jurassic World: The Exhibition, which was launched in Australia in 2016 before touring to America and then to Spain, where it is currently installed.

The exhibition will give visitors the chance to explore the fictional world of films. This will include settings, features, and objects that will be familiar to guests, ranging from life-sized animatronic versions of dinosaurs to recreations of the labs that the dinosaurs grew from.


The Excavation Site allows 11 visitors to interact with the sandbox and dig to find fossils that will project-specific dinosaurs (awards) they are originated on the sand. While they are engaging with the digging, there are magnifying feedback that allows them to know if the locations and depth of their dig.

The primary audience for the excavation site are 6 – 12 year old and family.

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite

Responsibilities: Visual Design and Illustrations

Year: 2019 –



I am responsible for the Visual Design and Illustrations of each dinosaurs for the Production phase. I also assisted the developer to make sure that the graphics and assets for the projections are overlaying correctly based on the coordinates.

Concept Design

Card awards

There are a total of 10 card rewards. There are 10 3D fossil replications in which users will dig through the sand to activate the projection and show the card rewards.

These are projected on top of the sand.

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