visual narrative, storyboarding, and decorative

Personal Project

I have an ongoing webcomic where I express my imagination with visual storytelling.


Alzyon is a fantasy and humour based comics exploring the diverse world of Philippine fantasy culture and Canadian environment. A story about overcoming loss and death within a family, friends, and love ones.

Date: 2015 – Present

Plot: Alyza, a spunky rebellious young woman who was forced to marry by her grandmother finds the enchanted world of Alzyon. A mirrored world which unlocks a secret about the past and his long lost grandfather. It’s about friendship, and overcoming loss and understanding the acceptance of pain and impact of grief.

Read at Alzyon

My Illustration Process

My illustration process is quite similar to my design process. From researching, identifying the meaning of the story, thumbnailing, sketching different compositions, ideation of forms and colors, problem-solving, identifying light source and materials, to finalizing and coloring.