3Things UX/UI Design

  • Tools Illustrator, Experience Design
  • Year 2017
  • Progress Team development

3Things is a gratefulness app journal focusing on the three highlights of the users' day. The objective for 3Things is to capture the positivity by the end of a busy or typical day. An app journal which caters to our fast paced world where we often missed the opportunity to look at the simplest things that happen in our daily lives. 3Things creates the experience and ensures easy entry each day by focusing only on 3 highlights within a one to two sentences with a maximum of 200 words. Further explanation and case study below.

The scope of the application includes one image upload to fit with the highlight idea of the app. A twenty four hour editable "current" entry and past entries are viewable and sharable for social media accounts. User profile also includes a random positivity quotes each day as a default. This setting can also be changed if the user wants to feature their own favorite quote for their profile. The app is designed to be flexible for future upgrades including connecting people as network app.

Logo design process started with the idea of 'childhood happiness' and the number three as it is significant for the app. This theme gave me the idea of balloons, where receiving a balloon as a kid feels like having a new companion or a friend. I decided to morph the three balloons visually close enough to a three, a heart, and a balloon to make it less obvious.

Surface design features four different fun color schemes including the default color scheme. The interchangeable color scheme creates a personalized effect for users to enjoy and it creates a sense of mood for users. This systematic idea is taken from current journal trends especially the fun aspects of journals within the "scrapbooking trends."