Eye Hand Book UX UI Design Exploration

  • Tools Sketch, InVision Studio, Adobe Illustrator
  • Year 2020

Project Overview:

Eye Handbook App is a diagnostic and treatment reference smartphone app for eye care professionals. It is the most comprehensive app specific to eyecare available on a smartphone. Apple Store

Personal Project Goal: I want to explore redesigning the UX and UI design of the Eye Hand Book app while documenting my designs as I go. I chose the eye handbook app because it contains multiple documents, data, images, videos, and other significant information that needs to update the app's structure and content architecture, interaction design, user experience, and visual design. It's currently an ongoing project.

January 2020:

For my first exploration, I want to work on the visual design for a relaxing initial step by finding the right colors for the application design. The EHB application is quite crowded and so many information/selection are placed in one page in the app. I wanted to explore a way to simplify and create a breathable UI design. This will change a long the way as I explore the structure and architecture of the content of the application.

(Left: Original EHB, Right: My updated Visual Design) (Left: Original EHB, Right: My updated Visual Design)

For the EHB Manual page, instead of having a tiny sidebar selection, I redesigned the application content as an accordion. Users won't have to keep bouncing back and forth to different pages. Instead, they can view the information in one page with accordion interaction design.