Victoria: The T.rex

  • Tools Adobe Creative Suite
  • Responsibilities UI Visual Design
  • Year 2019
  • Company NGX Interactive

Project Overview:

Through stunning animations and immersive digital environments, Victoria the T. rex offers an unforgettable, intimate look at one of the fiercest and most mysterious creatures to ever walk the earth. Never-before-seen by the public, this all-new, state-of-the-art exhibition invites visitors to encounter the largest real T. rex skeleton ever on tour!

Website: Victoria the T.Rex, Arizona Science World

Responsibilities: UI Visual Design for Meet Victoria Exhibit and Become Victoria Exhibit. Meet Victoria is an AR-like exhibit where you can explore different parts and anatomy of Victoria around the space. Become Victoria is to show the different perspective of T.rex view, human view, and prey view. My tasks is to make sure that the design complements well with the exhibit style guide and space, as well as the 3D model and animation graphics.