Novena Perpetual Help UX/UI Design

  • Tools Sketch App, Experience Design
  • Year 2019


An average person carries 1 or 2 prayer booklets and bibles for their daily mass and bible studies. How can we utilize our mobile phone to access prayers without the need of going to our browsers to search via internet? Most prayer websites have confusing interfaces and navigation. Furthermore, sometimes we forget to bring our booklets especially if we expect to have a long day ahead of us. Some people would end up buying from the store and duplicating their copies.
Novena Perpertual Help is an app focusing on the Novena prayers for Our Lady of Perpetual Help. This app is a booklet app which starts to utilize the capabilities of portability of our mobile phone.

Demographics: Our target Demographics are active prayer users that goes to church on a daily basis in the morning or after work ours. Weekday masses are set early mornings especially for smaller churches while cathedrals have at least 4 masses within the day.

The scope of the application focuses mostly on a portable booklet with a clean interface, bigger font size, and organized table of contents and prayer list. One of the biggest problem with prayers online is the navigational system is quite confusing. Furthermore, the fonts are small and screens are not responsive.

Following the iconic image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the surface design and colours focused on the blue and yellow instead of red. Red and Green symbolizes different aspects of clothing in the Bible, so instead, I focused on the Blue tint of the painting to display a calm feeling with the app. The prayers of Our Lady of Perpetual Help contains prayers that asks for help in situations in our lives that we have no control. Situations such as calamities, death, sickness, and also includes thankful prayers. Since red is a powerful colour that carries negative and positive signification, I chose oceanic blue for serene and tranquil feeling with the app.

Other Information: The application was developed in a simple way and replicating a booklet or a book for the navigational system. This way, users will have one place to access all prayers. (Future iterations) We could add a search system where users can find their specific prayers without browsing the prayer list and table of contents. There is also an option of setting the font size for user preferences.