UX/UI DESIGN - Connected Interactive

  • Areas User Experience, User Interface
  • Tools HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, Material UI, Photoshop
  • Year 2017-Present
  • Website

Responsibilities: As the UI/UX Designer, my responsibilities in Connected Interactive includes creating and enhancing new and existing features for our CI-Dashboard Product. Evaluating and gather user requirements and product feature scope including interviews with our operations, sales and product managers. Figuring out user flows and meeting with developers to ensure that the new features tie up together. Wireframing and prototyping features. I make sure to research proper data visualization, visual psychology, and UCD aspects for our features.

Process Examples

Although, I would love to share some of the heavier features I have worked on for our platform; I am respecting the privacy of Connected Interactive. Instead, here are the fun simple yet research heavy features I worked on.

01 Data Upload

Tasks: Figuring out how to upload data files in bulk and syncing with our DBM in a more fluid and intuitive way.

Research with Design: First, I identify the type of file if it has metadata or required input or form for the upload. Questions such as "Do users need to edit their file?", "Does the files have meta data", "Do they upload in bulk or single?", "Does it needed to be saved or viewed in tables", "How would I let users know that their files has been uploaded and synced.?" and most importantly "Why?". After meetings and initial wireframing, I delved into the user flow of the uploading. Researched what is the right UI depending on the time frame of the loading and psychology of users when waiting for things to load. Afterwards, I started wireframing.

02 Error

Tasks: Figuring out how to enhance the design of our error pages, modals and graphs. My goal was to enhance our error handling from stagnant "404 Error" to a more friendlier and less intense way of letting our users know that they are encountering an error. (Either bug - development error, network error, or user error.)

Research with Design: As I was given a task, I delve into research by interviewing and poking our developers about development errors that some of our features may encounter such as newly updated features, work in progress.. ++ I took the time to study the graphs and data visualization in our platform. I also went to check our network connection and also went deep into every page of our dashboard. After I have identified the problems, I researched on how to design our UI with a friendlier manner - so that our users won't freak out when they see an error. I changed the text content in a friendlier tone, choose colours to feature error scale, enhance all surface designs, and also show users where to go or what to do after they encounter an error.

03 Campaign Summary and other Graphs

Tasks: Updating the UI for our Campaign Summary was a blast, I worked side by side with our front-end developer and we upgraded the UI from simple text information to a more visual representation of data. We also started using React.js to our UI such as the interactive bar graph.

04 Builder

On a heavier note, our builder was one of the heaviest features I worked on. Right now it's in phase two of development and polishing UX, some errors and adding more capabilities.

Connected Interactive is a digital and programmatic advertising company, we are located in different countries and cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Brazil and Mexico.