• Tools HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Responsive, Illustrator, Experience Design
  • Year 2017
  • Website live view soon

Alzyon is a fantasy/adventure based comic series. The goal for the web/mobile design is to create an online comic publishing with straightforward reading experience. The objective is to create an image base interface for reading comic pages online, from accessing chapters and pages by lists to finding new words on the glossary page. Accessing each page in a list would help readers to easily view which page they left off. Webcomics are often updated per page within a given time, listing each page would help readers to easily arrive at the previous page they were in. A glossary page and About page - world and characters - are included on the site for readers to access new vocabularies such as names for characters, worlds, etc - Because Alzyon has a fantasy based storyline.

In the index page, readers can easily access which page they want to continue or which chapter, for new and old visitors. This creates a concrete flow for the website.