I am back using WordPress for my website! For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to expand my website and include a blog section and shop. But the number one problem I had is.. I didn’t want to replace my current website! My website was designed in a simplistic form where I developed it with HTML5, CSS3, and some Javascript. I had a lot of fun designing and developing my previous portfolio theme. Plus, I was also uncomfortable with using WordPress again and limiting my design.

Over the years, WordPress has changed in a lot of ways for the good and the bad. I guess I lost my trust in WordPress after experiencing getting hacked with my previous website. Since WordPress is popular for robust website because of its massive plugins and theme collections, websites created with WordPress is also a target of web robots and hackers.

Little did I know, there is now Jetpack for web security in WordPress. Before it was Akismet, but it doesn’t work as users hoped for. I don’t have a general idea of how web security works, but I trust that Jetpack works well.

My portfolio website has been live since 2009, and I am happy to share our 10 years of existence. The website went back and forth with WordPress and static development. In a way, I regretted not saving all my old blog posts! I am hoping to grow my website this time around.

To commemorate my old website, here is a screenshot of the landing page. (Date 2017 – 2020)