Project Overview

Connected Interactive is a programmatic and performance advertising in Vancouver, BC. Leveraging deep knowledge around data and partnerships with Mastercard and Environics to drive performance and scale. I am responsible for developing and updating the company’s branding by setting a goal and searching for the main values of the company.

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite, Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

Date: 2018


I am responsible for the overhaul design and development of the website. My tasks include:

  • Conducting Interviews with stakeholders and presenting ideas for the upgraded design of the website.
  • Collaboratively working with the president and managing the content writing of the website.
  • Researching the core values of the company and business and interviewing current employees.
  • Simplifying the information architecture and navigational structure of the website.
  • Wireframing and simplifying the content of each page.
  • Designing, creating graphics and illustrations, video editing for the website.
  • Using Wordpress as the CMS. Editing with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript to create individual designs as needed based on the content and representations.

Above is the before and after of the structure for the website. In the previous version, there was a lot of disorganization and floating pages that were unnecessary. Sorting out the content text, priorities, solutions, upcoming projects helps create a successful structure for the content as shown in the right image.


Creating the wireframe helped identify the categories for main pages and sub-content for the content writing phase as well. I worked with the writer alongside by adding and removing sections along the way.

I also created an excel file to help organize and section the content, and also project management.

When the wireframe and content were approved to move forward, I researched for the right WordPress theme that has a similar structure for what we need.


There is a pre-existing branding history for the company. It is my responsibility to work with the current brand and figure out a way to make it look trendy yet matured.

I added 2 new colors for accent and effect of the website such as the gradient effect. The gradient effect is based on the current logo of the company.

I created the graphics from scratch using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I interviewed the CTO and President on how they visually define data, programmatic advertising, and more.

Final Website

Visit the website at

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