Project Overview

Brian Mulroney Hall, located on the St. Francis Xavier University campus in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, is a 28,000-square-metre building, includes a soaring open atrium, modern classrooms and a 300-seat auditorium, as well as interactive displays and exhibits displaying artifacts and memorabilia from Mulroney’s years in power.

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite

Responsibilities:  UX and Interaction Design, UI Design, Motion Design

Date: 2019


I am responsible for the interaction design for all 5, interface design for 3 (The Xaverian, Prime Minister’s Office, and Electoral Maps), and motion design for all 5. I was also responsible to collaborate with 2 other designers to create a cohesive look for the user interface.

I worked with our Quality Engineer and Software Developer for Design quality testing.

I also edit and refined the images for each gallery.


There were 5 exhibits within the project:

  • Electoral Maps – a map interactive showing the 1984 and 1988 Federal Election and lists.
  • Prime Minister’s Office – A collection and gallery view of Brian Mulroney’s visitors in his Office.
  • The Xaverian – A collection and gallery view of Brian Mulroney’s years at Xaverian University.
  • The Chamber – A video collection gallery of Brian Mulroney’s speeches and showing his talents.
  • Digital Labels – Digital gallery version of labels for artifacts around the hall.

Electoral Maps

Over time, the overall design develops beginning with the low fidelity wireframe, user flow, high fidelity wireframes to the final UI for development with constant iterations, and testing. We worked together with the client as the content was being constructed at the same time as the UI production phase.

Prime Minister's Office

Designing interactive exhibits often comes with a style guide from our client. These style guides represent the overall interior design and construction of the space. The style guide is to help create a cohesive look and feel which consists of fonts, colors, and typography. We were given a working style guide to reference for the project.

Visit Brian Mulroney Hall in Antigonish, Nova Scotia for more. Image above is from Ellisdon