My Design Process


Identifying the user-end goals and motivations with qualitative interviews and quantitative research. Funneling ideas and gathering information for business and user goals. Documenting and creating proposals.


Generating ideas from information gathered blending with problem-solving, design principles, and psychology. Working with the team and identifying constraints for production. This includes testing ideas, MVP, low-fi prototyping, and early user testing. Gathering information and test results for design decisions.


Creating mid to high fidelity wireframes. Prototyping, testing, and iteration cycles for the design to create a smoother sailing product. Identifying and foreshadowing problems before the visual design phase.


Creating design systems, visual design, and illustration for the user interface. Checking and testing designs for accessibility and designing aesthetically pleasing interface by simplifying elements and focusing on usability. Quality testing and iteration to improve designs.

Interaction Design combines my passion for perceptional thinking, art, and technology; combining with storytelling, problem-solving, and psychology. Art resonates within us and we experience the world through technology. Both worlds intertwine together with Design.

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