UI Designer | Illustrator

Hi there! I'm Theresa, UI/UX Interactive Designer at a digital creative stuio in Vancouver. I graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a major in Illustration and Digital Animation from BCIT. I'm passionate in design: constantly improving and broadening my knowledge every day. Read More →


CI Product UX/UI Design

CI Website UX/UI Design

3Things UX/UI Design

Novena UX/UI Design

Connected Interactive Graphic Design

Island Heritage Millworks Web Design

Alzyon Web Design

NickGeer Website Design

Fullmetal Web Design and Development

Milton Tumblr Theme Design

Graphics Fun Designs

Game Design and Props


Original Illustration and Concept Art

Heroic Illustrations

Alzyon Sequential Comic

3D Modeling / Sculpting

Paintings Ink, Watercolour & Gouache

Storyboarding Videos


Hi there, I'm Theresa Melo, UX/UI designer and visual storyteller. I create meaningful designs. I am passionate in Visual Cognitive Psychology, developing digital platforms by converging Design as a creative and analytical tool to enhance user experience. I am highly creative and has an eye for Design and Art.

I currently work as a UI/UX Interactive Designer at a digital creative studio, studying Web Development in BCIT (part-time), and reading/e-learning Design trends and HCI. I graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design with BFA degree and Digtal Animation from BCIT. I draw on my spare time, archery, golfing, dancing classes and occasionally eat cake.

UX/UI Design Process:

Establishing Goal > Interviews + Research > Personas > Developing Scope + Requirements > Establishing Structure + Architecture > Creating User flow and Personas > Wireframing > Prototyping > Testing + Iterations > Surface Design + GUI + Coding Theresa Melo

Illustration Process:

Conceptual Planning/Designing/Problem Solving/Thumbnailing > Pencils > Colouring Theresa Melo