UX Designer | Illustrator

Hi there! I'm Theresa, Interactive Designer at NGX Interactive in Vancouver. I graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a major in Illustration and Digital Animation from BCIT. I'm passionate in design: constantly improving and broadening my knowledge every day. Read More →


National Instruments UX UI Design

Brian Mulroney Hall UX UI Design

Victoria the T.rex UI Design

Hamilton the Exhibition Graphic Design

Eye Hand book UX UI Design

CI Product UX UI Design

CI Website UX UI Design

Connected Interactive Graphic Design


Original Illustration and Concept Art

Heroic Illustrations

Alzyon Sequential Comic

3D Modeling / Sculpting

Paintings Ink, Watercolour & Gouache

Storyboarding Videos


Hi there, I'm Theresa Melo, UX Designer and visual storyteller. I design with purpose and create illustrations with humour and adventure.

I currently work as a Interactive Designer at NGX Interactive, studying research based and indepth User Experience Design in University of Toronto. I am a graduate from Emily Carr University of Art and Design with BFA degree and Digtal Animation from BCIT.

UX Design:

Human Centred Design, Design Thinking, Interaction Design, Visual Design, and Front-end JS coding with HTML/CSS Markups. I use Adobe creative suite, Sketch, InVision Studio, and Visual Studio Code. I worked with Git and Docker as well. I worked with Inclusive design in mind, ADA and WCAG proficient and emphathetic to heart. I am an artist, designer with a strong visual perception of all the things I work on. Theresa Melo


Conceptual Planning/Designing/Problem Solving/Thumbnailing > Pencils > Colouring Theresa Melo